Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UPDATED: Metro Mapper Needs Your Help: Vote for Us!

Metro Mapper is trying to evolve into Your Mapper and needs your help to make it happen!

We are participating in a contest by Net Squared with the goal of "remixing the web for social change." The contest provides funding and resources for innovative projects that foster social change and empower individuals.

View all the information right on our site.

We just discovered a *bug* in the site. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, and login to try to vote or "star" our project, you can't!

The [+] voting icon is not visible! So some of you are not crazy...

Until this is resolved with the site owners, see if you can use another alternate browser, like Firefox on a PC or Safari on a Mac, or Opera.

Firefox Browser Download

Thanks again and vote today, Friday, by 5pm if you can! It's the last day of the first round.

Metro Mapper needs your help now!

First, do this by Friday, March 14, 2008

  1. Register for an account right now.

  2. Wait for a confirmation email from Net Squared, and click the link. Check your spam folders too.

  3. Visit our project and "Star" us by clicking the .

  4. If you want, add some comments after the article.

Next, the week of March 17-21, 2008, vote for us.

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Vote for the Your Mapper project. You can vote for four to nine other projects too.

On Monday, March 24, they will announce the top 20 projects. If we are one of them, then we can proceed to the conference in San Jose to raise interest and get some funding and resources!

About the Project

Metro Mapper is a free service currently based in Louisville, KY. We have a set of tools that let us gather public information and put it on interactive maps, which you can see on our site.

But what we are missing is comminity contributions, data for other United States cities and rural areas, and the ability to show lots more information.

We want to become Your Mapper, a new site that has all of this and an empowered public. The Net Squared project would let us begin to do that. Read all about what we want to accomplish on our Project Page. Register now!

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