Friday, July 01, 2005

Louisville Crime Lab Launched!

After about a year of work, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Louisville Crime Lab!

The Crime Lab lets you browse years of crime reports from the LMPD.   You can filter your results with all the tools on the right, like center address, type of crimes, and date and time.  Click each marker for more details about the crime.

Under the Update Map button you can see how many crimes are shown, and how far the farthest one is from you.  Under that, a calculated CrimeScore© is shown.  This is a number from 1-100 (1 is best) that shows the safety rating of the location at the current center of the map.  Our CrimeScore uses crime density calculate this number based on our proprietary formula.

We hope Louisville will enjoy seeing crime around their homes and workplaces for the first time ever online.  Look for more features, data, and cities from us in the future!