Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Feature: Center of Map

Now you can get results without typing in a street address! Select "Center of Map" on the left, then drag and zoom the map to your new location, marked by the "crosshair icon" .

This has been an often requested feature, and allows someone who's not familiar with the city to perform searches. Now you can check out a neighborhood or area of the city just by centering your crosshair over it and updating them map.

Maps Upgraded to Version 2

Today I've upgraded the Google Map code from Version 1 to Version 2 for all 6 maps, improving a number of key features:
  1. If you use the Satellite or Hybrid views, you can now zoom 2 levels deeper so you can clearly see each and every building. In each popup there is a new "binocular icon" that lets you zoom in all the way.

  2. The maps all work better in Internet Explorer, although the Firefox browser still displays the maps faster.

  3. The Hide/Show feature on the left of the map works quicker and with a greater viewing area.

  4. Popup display issues with the Opera broswer are now fixed.