Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Month Since Launch: Visitors from 6 Continents

Metro Mapper Beta has been live for 30 days now, and we've gotten 1,422 absolutely unique visitors, with hits from all 6 populated continents. Thanks for everyone's support. We've taken some of your feedback and are already working on new features which will be launching in May.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Updated Map: Restaurants

The restaurants map has been updated with the most recent data. This will probably only be updated once a month in the future, since the scores and the restaurants don't change that often. I did notice that some restuarants that previously had questionable scores have now cleared their name.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Map: Historic Sites

A new map is now live on Metro Mapper showing all registered historic sites from the National Historic Registry. This is one of dozens of maps that will be coming soon, and first one to be added since the launch a week ago. I hope you enjoy it and discover something about the history of your neighborhood. And please, tell your friends.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Comments and Kudos

I'm happy to report a few people that have picked up the launch and posted comments about Metro Mapper on their blogs. Thanks everyone!

1. Google Maps Mania [link]

A site I've been following closely since its inception has to say:

"Here is a great Google Maps implementation for the city of Louisville, Kentucky. It packs in maps for Crime, Sex Offenders, Traffic Cams, Homes for Sale and Restaurants. The use of info-windows is quite unique in this mashup."

2. Glenn Letham at Anything Geospacial [link]

He says:

"...enter Metro Mapper. The application offers quick links to auto generated mashups themed on events like crime locations, sex offenders, traffic maps, and restaurants. Very nice..."

3. Garrett French at Search Engine Lowdown [link]

He calls it out by saying:

"Louisville, KY (my hometown) Google Maps mashup!!"

4. The Boston Globe - Starts and Stops Blog [link]

Mac Daniel wants the same site for Boston, especially the traffic cams:

"Why don't we have something like this? Louisville has this very thorough traffic site, with multiple camera position laid over a detailed roadway map.

5. Japanese MSN Space Blog - (in Japanese)[link]

Not sure what is being said, but they call out the traffic cams and sex offender maps.

Updated Map: Sex Offenders

This afternoon I updated the Sex Offender Map with the most recent data available. Initially I will post when these updates happen. In the future they will be updated on a schedule, so I won't have to post a message every time.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Feedback from the Weekend

Thanks to everyone for the dozens of emails and comments about the site. Most were positive, but some people noticed SQL errors which prevented certain address searches from working. There were also some Opera browser issues, and of course, typos.

The SQL errors and typos reported have been fixed, and I apologize for any inconvenience. I'm looking at the Opera issue which affects the display of the popups.

Please continue to forward to your friends and colleagues and use the "Contact Us" form on the site to report any other issues. Thanks!