Friday, August 20, 2010

Map Upgrade: Location List, Export, Drag to Recenter

The maps on Metro Mapper have been upgraded to take advantage of the newest features in the Your Mapper Platform.

Here is an overview of what's new:

Location List
A clickable and sortable list of locations appears below the map.

Drag to Recenter
Drag the Y Guy around the map to recenter at a new location. Or click the "use map center" button in the address area to use the center of the current view.

Export Options
Your current search data is exportable via the "more links" option at the bottom of the map. Some options are GeoRSS, KML, CSV, Google Maps, Emailing, and Mobile.

Quick Filtering
Clicking a category on the left of a map will automatically limit the results to that one category.

The center address, filtering, and export options are hidden by default to reduce clutter and help you focus on the map itself. They are available with one click if you need them.

We hope this makes you data research and browsing easier, and gives you a few more options right on the same page.

From a technical perspective, these maps offer exactly the same functionality as the detail maps on our parent site, Your Mapper. Both sites now use our new Easy Widget technology to allow us to put dynamic maps into any web pages, even our own. Soon we will be opening up these widgets to the public and private companies, where you can embed them into your own site - no account required!