Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Map: Franklin County KY Property Values

The Franklin County Kentucky PVA office is using Your Mapper's platform to map its property values county-wide.

Franklin County KY Property Values Map

Like the Jefferson County KY PVA before them, they see the value in opening up their public information to their citizens, and putting it into an easy-to-understand visual map. It saves their office time and duplication of effort, and Patsy Conway, the current PVA, it providing a great free service for the public good.

As with all of our government open-data clients, they are using the built-in features of the Your Mapper platform. Their data is published on Your Mapper in an interactive map, in a density heatmap by category, and in a mobile version viewable on any mobile phone browser. Our site helps to ensure the data reaches as many people as possible, and all of pages credit the PVA with the data and link back to their site for more information.

With Frankfort being the state's capitol and the county seat of Kentucky, the Franklin County PVA is leading the way for the rest of the state. Thanks to Patsy Conway, Jill Maynard, and the entire Franklin County PVA office.