Friday, September 21, 2007

Crime, Crime, Crime! Updated, Faster, and More Details

Finally, we were able to get the newest crime data from the LMPD and have made a major update to the crime map. We now have a detailed description of each crime, twice the amount of data, and the maps load about 20 times faster. The reported crimes goes from 2003 through August 2007 and will be updated monthly from now on.

For each crime, just click the "Details" button to see more details about the case, including a description of what happened. We've found that you can spend hours just reading the details of what has happened around town and in your neighborhood.

We've also updated our Crime Mapplet, so those of use that use it will see the new crimes automatically.

In addition, if you have put any crime maps in your website or blog with our Create Maps feature, then these will automatically be updated as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Major Server Update

Last night we preformed a major upgrade to all of our servers, including the web and database and DNS servers. The upgrade increased capacity, bandwidth, processing speed and other things.

The effect is that all the maps should be created even faster than before.

The site and our servers were down for a few hours, for the first time since launching in March of 2006. If you had any issues or couldn't reach the site, we apologize. There may still be lingering issues, and we'll keep you posted in this blog and across the top nav of the site.

Thanks and enjoy the improvements!