Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kentucky Car Accident Reports Mapped

Our parent site Your Mapper has mapped all the reported car accidents from the KY State Police.

KY Car Accident Map

Each vehicle accident report popup shows you:
  • the type of collision
  • the number of killed and injured people
  • how many vehicles and police units were involved
  • if it was a hit-and-run
  • the date and time
  • cross streets
  • the weather and road conditions
You can also filter by 4 categories, which are fatal accidents, injury accidents, multiple vehichles involved, or single vehicle accidents. Right now we have all of 2010 loaded, and if there is enough interest, we will load 2005-2009 as well.

We'll be adding this interactive map to the Louisville Metro Mapper site soon!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Map Upgrade: Location List, Export, Drag to Recenter

The maps on Metro Mapper have been upgraded to take advantage of the newest features in the Your Mapper Platform.

Here is an overview of what's new:

Location List
A clickable and sortable list of locations appears below the map.

Drag to Recenter
Drag the Y Guy around the map to recenter at a new location. Or click the "use map center" button in the address area to use the center of the current view.

Export Options
Your current search data is exportable via the "more links" option at the bottom of the map. Some options are GeoRSS, KML, CSV, Google Maps, Emailing, and Mobile.

Quick Filtering
Clicking a category on the left of a map will automatically limit the results to that one category.

The center address, filtering, and export options are hidden by default to reduce clutter and help you focus on the map itself. They are available with one click if you need them.

We hope this makes you data research and browsing easier, and gives you a few more options right on the same page.

From a technical perspective, these maps offer exactly the same functionality as the detail maps on our parent site, Your Mapper. Both sites now use our new Easy Widget technology to allow us to put dynamic maps into any web pages, even our own. Soon we will be opening up these widgets to the public and private companies, where you can embed them into your own site - no account required!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Solving a Common Problem: Mapping 50,000 Points at Once

The new V3 version of the Google Maps API has just released a feature that lets developers plot up to 50,000 interactive points on a map at once, and the ability to turn those points into a heatmap on the fly. It's a remarkable feature for an already impressive product.

Google Geo Developers Blog: Map your data with the Maps API and Fusion Tables

We are looking to integrate this into some of our datasets for you to visualize crime, health ratings, property values, and more in our maps. Some of our maps contain millions of points, so this won't apply to those, but we can use a subset of our data, for example, the most recent 50,000 crimes, to show at once. We'll be putting this on Metro Mapper and our parent site, Your Mapper.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Google Geo Elevation: Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

Google releases the ability to get elevation for any land or earth point on the planet, and create an elevation chart for any route as well.

We are therefore happy to introduce a new service to the Maps API family that enables applications to determine elevation profiles. Using either the new ElevationService Maps API v3 class or the Elevation Web Service you can request the elevation in meters for one or more sets of coordinates, or you can request a specific number of elevation samples equally spaced along a path. If any sampling points are over bodies of water, the service will return the depth relative to sea level as a negative number.

They also have a nifty interactive map where you can add points along a route and see an interactive graph of the elevation changes. I tried it out on my treks across the Grand Canyon and Uluru in Australia. Very slick, and really useful for those getting biking or running directions.

Google Geo Developers Blog: Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Metro Mapper: The Only Organization in Kentucky to be a Google Maps Qualified Developer

The founder of Louisville Metro Mapper, Michael Schnuerle, is the only individual in the state of Kentucky, and the region, to be a Certified Google Maps Developer. Our national platform, Your Mapper, which makes Metro Mapper work, has qualified!

Google gave official digital certificates to qualified developers who passed their rigorous mapping certification process. Metro Mapper is one of only 8 map developers in the United States to become qualified.

The Google Qualified Developer program was designed to recognize Google API and developer tools experts, and to provide those in need of development support with a directory of trusted references.

And we are only one of 2 in the United States to also be listed in the Google Apps Marketplace for GeoSpacial mapping solutions. The other is in Google's home state of California, and we are one of only 7 others around the world to achieve these combined qualifications.

Our solution turns raw government or private data into interactive maps, an embedded map for your site, and a mobile application. In addition, we allow your users to grab RSS, KML, and CSV data feeds, drive traffic to your site through our SEO framework, and give you access to your data for custom applications through our programming API.

If you are a user of our free Metro Mapper services, could you take a few seconds to leave a Customer Review for us at the bottom of our Your Mapper App Marketplace listing? We'd really appreciate it, and it will lead to us being able to get more data on our site for you!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Vote in the NYC BigApps Contest

NYC's BigApps contest is coming to a close, with only 2 days left in the voting. Our submission is called NYC BigMaps, and if you haven't supported us yet by voting, please take a moment to register then do so.

NYC BigMaps

This submission is a completely new website, targeted just to the citizens of New York, NY, much like Metro Mapper is targeted to Louisville, KY. It was built in only 3 days, using the free and open Your Mapper API and map embedding tools.

NYC BigMaps Site

NYC BigApps is a terrific contest with a great purpose and a bunch of creative submissions that needs your support. If you use Metro Mapper, please vote for our app!