Friday, June 29, 2007

Mapplet: Restaurants on your own map!

This is a new feature for all you experimental types out there. You can now see a searchable restaurant map on a Google map... with other custom information at the same time! Did you ever want to see the restaurants from Metro Mapper, and then overlay gas station prices, movie times, and local photos on the same map? Now you can with Google's Mapplets.

Just click the image above, then click 'Add to Maps' and you'll get our searchable restaurant overlay. Then, go back an add some popular mapplets to view at the same time, like Gas Prices, Movie Times, and Local Photos.

The cool thing is that whenever we update our restaurant data, you'll get to see the newest restaurants on your custom map automatically. We'll be adding the rest of Metro Mappers maps soon. Enjoy, and learn more about it here.

As a bonus, note that you can save your results by click the Link to, Email, and Google Earth buttons at the bottom of the mapplet. This will let you bookmark your search, email your friends what you've found, and even view it in 3D in Google Earth.

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