Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interesting Maps: Wood Bowls and 3-D Photos

Maps seem to be cropping up in the oddest, and most interesting, of places. Wired has pointed out a few of these in their newest issue.

Wooden Map Bowls

So you can go to a German site, use the Google Maps API to zoom in on your state, city, neighborhood, or favorite national park, and turn the topography into a wooden 'bowl.' I put bowl in quotes because the functional, bowl-like qualities of the finished product will vary greatly depending on your chosen location.

Fluid Forms has created a very interesting concept, that is well exectued. Try it out!
3-D National Park Images

Three dimensional movies are becoming more common in an effort to lure people into theaters. Now you can experience this in your own home.

You can either purchase a $15,000 Vizard 3-D display, or make your own at home for about $300. Then head over to the US Geological Survey website to view lots of classic and new 3-D pics of national parks. I couldn't find any actual 3-D maps though...

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