Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Live-blogging Louisville Idea Festival 2008

For the September 25-27 Idea Festival held in Louisville, Kentucky, I'll be one of the 5 local people to be live blogging events on the official Idea Festival Blog. The blog is still being run by Wayne Hall, and this year he enlisted some blogging help with the assistance of Michelle Jones over at Consuming Louisville.

I'll officially be blogging these three events:

Thursday, Sept 25, 1pm
Puzzled? by Will Shortz
The puzzle editor for the New York Times, talking about the world of puzzles.

Friday, Sept 26, 1pm
A danish architect who will speak about city planning and future city structures.

Saturday, Sept 27, 8:45am
Serious Play by Jane McGonigal
A video game designer who will talk about the power of games, virtual worlds, and how they affect our society and the future.

I'll also post back here to let you know when these events are upcoming and going on. And I invite everyone in the area to come to the Festival and see some of the speakers and events, most of which are free. Come hunt me down and say hello, since the Press Pass I have will also allow me into all the other events. Thanks Michelle and Wayne!

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