Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tonight: Free Presentation at UofL Honors Lecture Series

Metro Mapper will be making a free and open to the public presentation tonight at UofL. The fun starts at 7pm. See our previous post for more event details.

Here is a detailed overview of what I will be speaking about at the event. You can print it out beforehand, or I'll have copies on hand tonight so you can follow along, know what to expect, and take notes for questions.

PDF of Presentation (PDF)

UPDATE: We tried to live stream the event, courtesy Nick Moorman, but some technical issues prevented it from working out.


Biography – Michael Schnuerle: Louisville, UK, Australia, Paris, Edinburgh, San Fran, Louisville

Technology – Convergence and new tech 2005: Map APIs, Ajax, Hosting Costs, Open Source

The Metro Mapper Site

Site Overview – types of maps, daily traffic, updates

Cool Examples – filtering, historic overlays (UofL)

Services – free to public, account, bookmarks, embedding free and paid

Revenue – ads, sponsoring, consulting, custom work, embedding, collaboration (PVA)

History – 2005 technologies, city crime, other data, embedding, full time

Career Path – Computer Graphics, 2 years abroad, Big/Small Companies, Independent

Technical Overview – PHP, MySQL, Data -> Convert -> Site -> Embed

Tools Used – Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MySQL Administrator, SmartSVN, WinSCP

The Your Mapper Prototype

Site Preview – logo, interface, maps

Key Differences – National, browsing, tools, data loading, social media, mobile

Open Data - Open Municipal Geodata Data Standard

The Future of Online Maps

Google Earth – Exporting data into a 3D environment, 3D cities, 1:1 correlations.

Mobile Tools – iPhone, Google Android, GPS, ubiquity

Location Based Tools - Connecting where you are to useful information, social

Data Loading – Making public data truly public

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