Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Powered by Your Mapper

The Metro Mapper site is now powered by the Your Mapper platform! You can tell an immediate difference when you visit each of the maps on the site, since they have a new look, more data, and more features.
New Features

All the maps now have a consistent visual interface.

More Information
All data has been updated and will remain updated, and most maps contain more data and details than before.

Location Details
Every single marker location on a map has its own web page, with details, ratings, comments, street view and more. You can visit the page by clicking the Information icon in the mapped location's popup. Share this detail page with your friends.

Search Links
When you perform a search, you can click the map link icon at the bottom of the map to get a link directly to that search in real-time. No need to bookmark to your account!

Data Feeds
You can also grab RSS and KML data feeds of your search for use on your own feed reader home pages or interactive maps. When the search has new results, you see it right away!

Mobile Links
Take your search with you! Click the mobile link to get an on-the-go optimized version of your search to access from anywhere. The mobile Your Mapper site works on any mobile phone browser, from iPhone to Blackberry to Google Android. Tweak your search on your phone, or start a new one!

The new site and searches are much faster than before.

Changes to Metro Mapper Services

All of your bookmarks and links will still behave as you expect. And your Metro Mapper accounts will work for the Your Mapper login as well, so you don't need to create a new account.

However, if you use the Metro Mapper embedded map services, you will have to make a change. Your maps will continue to work for now, but will stop working soon (a month or so, but we'll see how people take to the transfer). The data and features of your current Metro Mapper maps will become out of date. Instead, what you will need to do is head over to Your Mapper, login, select the map you'd like to embed, and get the new code for your site. We'll be providing detailed instructions on the site and contacting each of you individually to assist in the switch.

We hope you enjoy the upgrade to the site, and the new features Your Mapper provides!

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