Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Louisville Courier-Journal Writes First Full Article About Metro Mapper

Louisville's newspaper, the Courier-Journal, wrote their first full article about Metro Mapper on the front page of the Business section. It's a great distillation of about three hours of interview with the reporter, Bill Wolfe.

It's great to finally get some local coverage for the site. The first map launched over 2 years ago, and the site officially launched a year ago. No news coverage, except for some excellent local blogs (Forge Louisville and Consuming Louisville), until now. I think I got coverage because of doing something outside of Louisville, namely the NetSquared contest.

I talked to a local friend of mine who said the same thing about his company: 2 years of great stuff, no coverage, one national blurb, then the C-J covers it, then after that Leo and other smaller news outlets and TV.

It's great that the Courier (at least anecdotally) seems to cover a good local company first, but strange that other publications wait for that to happen.

Anyway, Metro Mapper is grateful for the coverage and hope there will be more to report in the future! Thanks Bill!

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