Monday, April 07, 2008

New Customer: Joe Hayden, Realtor

Joe Hayden just launched one of our free embedded maps in his real estate site. He's starting of with the restaurant map as a service to his visitors, generating site traffic and interest, and he set it all up himself using our online toolset.

Joe's Restaurant Map

Joe's been doing some terrific things on the internet, improving his current site, and creating a well thought out and informative companion blog. He also has a good handle on the power of a good blog, rss feeds, relevant keywords and SEO, and a great MLS search tool, not to mention terrific knowledge of real estate and the market!

Joe has had a number of great suggestions for Metro Mapper's embedded map service, and we are looking into implementing them. He also has an interesting career background, from flying planes to recording engineer on everything from George Jones to the Muppets!

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